Mi Casa

Shay Dashevsky takes pictures of people in their own homes – in the living room, bedroom and kitchen, with their belongings scattered like souvenirs. Whether order or chaos, his camera captures the reality of what is there. Every subject is from a different country, and together it’s a collection of six stories in six houses. Each story deals with questions of home, roots, belonging, and above all – what is freedom?


The sixth and final story is that of the photographer himself; like pieces of a universal puzzle, his story combines the other stories into an image, a self-portrait. Those individuals are all part of him: the refugee, the artist who falls in love with a girl living in a foreign land, the woman who immigrated to a commune in France; they all live inside him, house number six. Or maybe it is he, the vagabond that in the past four years lived in more than a dozen different homes all over the world, who gives them safe-haven within the rooms of his roaming heart; and through his gaze, his art, his camera… shelters them, opens a door to their stories, sharing his own.